Outdoor games for kids

with particular attention to environmental sustainability

There are many activities that we can organize for people of all ages, for individuals and groups. Our staff is specialized and will amaze your children with small demonstrations or moments with a great emotional impact, in close contact with Nature.

We want to start from children and the knowledge of the territory, from the direct and sensorial discovery of these uncontaminated spaces, up to the study of indigenous peculiarities, with workshops and guided tours. We believe that bringing children back to these simple but primary places, raising awareness of the most significant topics such as respect for Nature and places in general, sustainability and recycling, the importance of ancient crafts that must be handed down as cultural heritage economic development, and the recognition of native herbs and animals, can be a fundamental starting point for trying to reconstruct the perspective of a more logical and acceptable world.

Do you want to book a FAMILY HOLIDAY?

Volcano laboratory

An exciting activity suitable for children and teenagers, to recreate an ancient volcano.

With the elements of the forest and the use of fresh clay, we will recreate the cone of our volcano Monte Amiata, to understand in reality how the springs are born. The activity is combined with insights into geology and hydraulics; we recommend combining it with a visit to the Water Museum.

Herbarium with Treasure Hunt

With a strong naturalistic imprint, you learn while having fun.

The presentation of the environment in which we are is essential for understanding its peculiarities. There are many plant species in our Park, and a treasure hunt is the best way to learn to recognize them! For the “bigger” ones, in combination with a SURVIVAL COURSE.

We learn to work with wood

Simple activities on the use of wood and elements of the forest.

Building a game or an object of daily life with wood and forest products is the ideal way to bring home not only a memory, but an educational experience with a strong environmental impact. We would like to pass on ancient knowledge, favoring recycled and reused materials.

Are you a teacher or a didactic operator?

If you want to organize an excursion or an educational activity, write to us now and together we will study a package suitable for the age of children and the program carried out at school.

The Water Museum can be reached by bus, as well as the Ermicciolo Springs just 500 meters from the free car park, with picnic area and services. All environments are easily accessible and suitable for all ages.

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