Amiata Mountain dominates the whole Orcia Valley

an attraction all year round

The top of Mount Amiata

Mount Amiata is 1738 m high. 8 lifts go up 10 km of slopes for alpine skiing; the 12 slopes with programmed snow form the ski area located in the pivotal points of the mountain: the Vetta, Prato delle Macinaie, Prato della Contessa, Rifugio Cantore and Pian della Marsiliana.

For Nordic skiing there are 4 rings for 10.5 km, of which 5.5 km constantly beaten. The Marsiliana – Macinaie ring winds its way through a splendid beech forest, its 4.5 km are suitable for skiers of good technical level.

For excursions in fresh snow there is a 5 km forest road that leads to the “Primo Rifugio”. A snowpark has recently been created along the Marsiliana track and a bobsleigh track; while a 200m snowtubby starts from the Cantore chairlift.

The Mining Museum Park of Mount Amiata

In 2002 the “Mining Museum Park” was set up, which, in addition to the safety measures, the recovery of the artefacts and the environmental protection of the mining sites, were also assigned the tasks inherent in the conservation of the archives, the promotion of the studies, the collection of testimonies and the enhancement for tourism purposes of the Park territory.

In recent years many interventions have been carried out aimed at the conservation and recovery of the Amiata mining structures, as well as study, research and collection of oral testimonies on work and life in the mine. BOOK A VISIT NOW!

Indiana Park in Abbadia San Salvatore

An adventure park immersed in a beech forest at 1400 meters tall for a 100% nature experience. The park is open every day from 10 am. to sunset. The park covers two hectares of beech and fir forest and offers paths for adults and children alike.

Adrenaline with the jump of the Quick Jump and the possibility of walks and excursions, on foot or by bike, cultural visits and gastronomy. Children, teenagers and adults, available different routes and suitable for all ages both on trees and on artificial poles, jumping into the void with the QuickJump and family activities such as Treasure Hunting with GPS very fun and suitable for everyone.

Photo provided by

Maurizio Formichi

Orchids of Mount Amiata

The Amiata area is a territory of great scenic beauty and rare environmental integrity, in which human presence is limited and discreet.

There are numerous floral essences in the area, among these many species of wild orchids (between the Orcia Valley area and that of Mount Amiata have been identified about fifty different species), which bloom in the period between April and June.