Unique glimpses of ancient charm

Enchanted places where time has stopped...

Walking through the woods of Vivo d’Orcia it is easy to come across panoramic points: rocks or conformations with curious shapes, which make the imagination fly and refer to mythical stories.

In reality, all Mount Amiata has been characterized by volcanic phenomena. The porous black rock of trachytic origin, known in the area with the name of ‘peperino’, allows the infiltration of rainwater in depth, thus giving rise to numerous springs and deposits of thermal waters. Many rocks, originating from the volcanic flows, have taken on particular conformations in panoramic points: it is the case of ‘Pietra Porta’, of the ‘Seggiola del Diavolo’, the ‘Sasso della Lupareccia’, the ‘Buca delle Fate’, the ‘Riparo Cervini’, are just some of these.

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