Water Museum

the visit to the Springs is enriched with objects from history

The Water Museum in Vivo d’Orcia was strongly desired by Acquedotto del Fiora, together with the whole community of the “water village”. This is a place of knowledge and exchange, where objects and tools from the history of the Ermicciolo Springs coexist with popular science materials.

There are many contributions donated by the inhabitants and admirers, in a modern and interactive environment, where a projection room is set up.

At the edge of the village of Vivo d’Orcia, the Water Museum is located at the beginning of the “water path“, a footpath that leads to the springs along the beech and chestnut woods.

For guided tours or complete activities, the Museum allows you to get closer to the knowledge of the village and its history, with descriptive panels and images. Faces and tools are presented in real life stories, with demonstrations and anecdotes: a perfect way to immerse yourself in this unique and very interesting reality.