The agricultural tradition of Amiata – 7 October

For the series of territorial meetings “Know I love rural Tuscany” dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of local products, next 7 October we will be virtually in Amiata.
Organized in collaboration with the Accademia dei Georgofili and the Unions of the Municipalities of Amiata Senese and Amiata Grossetana, with the patronage of Unicoop Firenze, this is the fifth meeting dedicated to the enhancement of the agri-food chains typical of the Tuscan territories. Alongside the comparison between academics, producers, local administrators and various actors of the local fabric, territorial experiences of community and local development will be presented. At the center of the debate the rediscovery of local traditions and culture flanked by the narration of innovative experiences. The problems and potential of the area will be explored with the aim of strengthening the relationships and synergy between municipalities, associations and producers, promoting local economy and tourism, and also creating a new relationship with large retailers.