Narra Terra, a tour among the Cooperatives

Parco Vivo is first of all a Community Cooperative: a new entity made up of people, ideas and projects aimed at developing secondary and disadvantaged areas.

Parco Vivo is part of a larger family of Cooperatives, and with the closest one, the Cooperative of the Poor Theater of Monticchiello, we have forged a close bond. We share a strong love for our land, a great tenacity in pursuing common goals, even in the face of numerous bureaucratic and technical adversities, a brotherhood in which our areas have been protagonists since time immemorial.

So today we have decided to structure a tourism project together, which connects our Cooperatives, for tours and guided visits, NARRA TERRA with the places and faces that most represent us!

Departing from Bagno Vignoni, in the heart of Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004, the most attentive visitor will be able to discover areas of great historical and naturalistic interest: the Parco dei Mulini, the Spedaletto Castle, the medieval village of Monticchiello, and then in the afternoon go to our splendid Parco Vivo to visit the interiors of the Ermicciolo springs, and then regenerate in the warm waters of Bagni San Filippo.

An exciting journey aboard a comfortable minivan, accompanied by local environmental hiking guides. Or on foot, or on a high-performance e-bike.

Here are the tours, bookable on request:

Monticchiello in the theater   departing at 10am from Bagno Vignoni, duration 4 hours

Sources of Monte Amiata   departing at 3pm from Bagno Vignoni, duration 4 hours

price per person for half a day € 35, children up to 12 years € 15

FULL DAY TOUR € 70, children up to 12 years € 20