The Water Museum opens in Vivo d’Orcia

The Water Museum is inaugurated today, December 15, in the village of Vivo d’Orcia on behalf of Acquedotto del Fiora, in collaboration with our Cooperative Parco Vivo.

The venue is above all a multipurpose environment, with exhibition, multimedia and technical spaces. A lot of the material presented, the result of in-depth studies, together with working machinery. Photos and models, and documentaries projected in a large video room.

The Water Museum will be the starting point for guided tours that from the village of Vivo will develop in the village along the Vivo Park, up to the Ermicciolo Springs. Water, an element of primary importance, will be the common thread that will link these environments with a strong architectural and naturalistic significance.

Our environmental guides will conduct guided tours to present the places and faces that have made the history and economy of the entire area great. A calendar of TOURIST VISITS will soon be available.

Read HERE the contributions of the protagonists.